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Tratamiento De Fertilidad Con Ovulos Donados

Egg donation it is a simple process which requires subcutaneous of some hormones for about 7 or 8 days: during this process are conducted some have to be between 25 and 1controles sonographic to objectify follicle growth, and once these follicles have a size.

It must be appropriate to proceed egg retrieval. This is done in an operating room for take the utmost care and is under propofol sedation Sedation be the patient sleep for 5 or 10 minutes and this allows us 1: you do not have no pain and no second there are unexpected movements we They could complicate the process. Once extracting ova.

The patient passes a box for Recovery. Usually it takes about 20 minutes, half an hour, and from here and we incorporate the donor to go to eat something, then return center, right and objectify lr We give the outpatient authenti. Under Spanish law the egg donors must have between 18 and 35 years as president finally below 32 years and the.

Spanish law requires it psychological studies to make donors genetic studies and studies of infectious diseases. From our point of view also We value the body mass index avoid surgical risks donor and the ecbografa reliza first days of the cycle, to test the Counting the last antral reservation ovarian, not all girls can make the donation process because it does not.

All have an adequate number of eggs to undergo the process. We are having demand for eggs different ethnic groups, of Eastern origin, Nordic race, black, that is, it is open to all ethnic groups without distinction. While most yesteryear cases it was women over 40 years.

Now we find many desperate women with a desire to be Moms have a baby and that different reasons and I do not get it either because they have been subjected to chemotherapy or radiotherapy, women They have their genetic diseases or that they have been subjected to different therapeutic alternatives, different reproduction techniques with their own eggs and have not succeeded. They see here a source of light,.

Possibility that can fix your problem and this is always done under the strictest anonymity The Spanish legislation requires this process is anonymous guarantee program have more powerful donation province Tarragona and probably one of the most powerful of all Catalonia ashton before us are people too special with queens or center.

Perform an act of great human value that we appreciate very much and what the rewards are that Pop donor has the process the mere action to help a second a medical checkup couple very kitchen also important information biological finally financial compensation but it should never be a reason for the nation we must not forget that behind this There are a couple and the couple have.

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