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Periodo Fertil Para Engravidar Calculadora

Como calcular a data de nascimento no excel

Bom pessoal hoje vou explicar para vocs de forma bem simples como calcular a data de nascimento no excel em uma das clulas voc vai colocar a data de nascimento, no meu caso cinco de janeiro de 1984 em outra clula voc vai colocar a data atual ou a data base que deseja utilizar para descobrir a idade da pessoa coloquei a data de hoje 12 de agosto de 2013 depois de colocar essas informaes voc dever utilizar a seguinte frmula para calcular coloque sinal de igual escreve int abra o parenteses duas vezes.

CLUE for iOS App Review

Hey everybody, Janel Torkington here with Appszoom. With one of my favorite apps for iOS called Clue. This is an app which is basically for women it is a period tracker which we're not gonna giggle about and we're also not going to adorn with pink flowers there's no pink in Clue, that's the first thing you need to know. It's really awesome, it's super simple it's a health app, it lets you keep track of what's going with your body. Let's see how it works. You have to tell it a little bit about yourself, of course, tell it when y our last period started.

Let's just pretend and pick a day. And then you can change your averages. It gives you the global average for the days of the cycle stay, how long your period lasts and any PMS that might happen before that. If your numbers tend to vary you can switched them up. It will also learn as you enter data over time, you can add up to 1 year of your past data if you have that information. And you can let it use push notifications to let you know when your period's coming.

Up. So, here's how the interface looks you have your current cycle and it shows you where you are. This little green dot means that's where you are in the cycle. You can tap and hold it to kind of see what's going on next. What day on your cycle you are, maybe the feeling, when you're going to be most fertile, and then when you're going to have your period. You can also see a calendar view and the red days are when you're gonna have your period, the ones with the blue dots are when you're most fertile, the green is where you are right.

Now and the clouds are when you might be having PMS. So each day you can be entering data about what your flow's like, if you experience any pain, what your mood is. For example, today I feel happy. So you can keep track over time and see what tendencies you might have in accordance to what your body is in its cycle. You can also add your own tags, which is pretty useful, so you track whatever information you want. That's it. That's all there is to Clue. It's just a way of keeping track of what's happening.

With your body, a way of keeping healthy it's clearly for women. And notice there's no pink, anywhere in it, I really like that. It makes me feel good about using it and it's just professional and scientific. So if you're using Clue and you like it, let me know. You should also check out the rest of our channel subscribe! We do lots of tutorial reviews of apps like this, also Let's Play tutorials as well as HowTos for both Android and iOS. Head over to our forums with any questions you might have or if you just wanna talk apps.


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