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Periodo Fertil Da Cadela

Fecundao e Desenvolvimento Embrionrio

This tutorial was produced as part of a Biology class by students in the 12 grade in the �guas Santas High Shool The clips presented in this tutorial are from unknown authors. Belonging only to them. Music FECUNDATION AND EMBRYONIC DEVELOPMENT FECUNDATION In each ovarian cycle (about 28 days) a process called oogenesis takes place, freeing up an oocyte II Moment of Ovulation (Release of the oocyte II) Cilia.

During copulation, a large number of sperm are transferred to the vagina but only 1% reaches the uterus In case of occurring ovulation, is in the Fallopian Tube that the oocyte II and the sperm will meet THE REST WILL BE AVAIABLE SOON!!!.

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