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Mejores Clinicas De Fertilidad En Zaragoza

Donacin de vulos y preservacin de la fertilidad

Yes, we can respond quite safety in absolute terms there has been an increase Infertility in Spain and it is for various reasons, but from my point view the most important is determined by our tendencies demographic, which are well known,.

Aging fundamentally progressive population and increasing the life expectancy of all people but mainly from women, and this is for me the key factor. Women by increasing life expectancy delay increasingly when they decide to become mothers for the first time. The most desirable solution would precisely it based on changing the current demographic trend,.

And the woman mentalizase really mother should try to be as soon as possible. This turnaround It may take a while and therefore we have two specific solutions we can apply today from the perspective of the reproductive technology are ovum donation and preservation fertility. It is a procedure IVF.

Consisting stimulation ovarian a woman who will donate their ovums in which he is going to receive a patient, the recipient woman, who after the insemination of them will allow embryos to be transferred into her uterus. It is necessary that the donor be a young woman below 35 years and is healthy and therefore exempt from communicable diseases, hereditary or infectious.

Produce, it is true, some little discomfort in the donor woman, product of successive visits You have to make to the for controls and product own ovarian stimulation. In fact, in the law of reproduction It is implied the possibility of gratify the donor woman by these discomfort that can ocassionate. The main advantage of this technique It is a next woman or already.

He has undergone menopause, next even at age 50 can be a mother. It is the only technique that allows these women can be mothers. The preservation of Fertility is twofold: a fundamental and that is what emerged, that is the use of freezing ovums in a cancer patient, woman who has a tumor in his age fertile and will also be submitted pharmacological treatment gonadotoxic that therefore damage the production of ovums in the ovary.

This patient, after overcoming the disease, can use their ovums and have the same probability of pregnancy would have had in the age in which he froze. And another side too important, increasingly acceptance in recent times, that It is what we call social, and that is to delay motherhood. Demographic trends of our society do that women increasingly delay more age that wants to be mother and.

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