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Kit Fertilidad Masculina

Oh my god yeah! Anyways you guys before I go I have one more good story to tell you I took a. I took a road trip about a year ago after I got rid of the beetle in the SUV. Took a road trip from LA to Phoenix to go perform at this club Let me tell you who’s in the car. I’m driving I got my buddy Armando riding shotgun he’s another fluffy guy.

We call him sexy bitch I don’t call him that his wife calls him that, He’s a sexy bitch Anyway, the back seat I got my friend Martin Next to him is my friend Felipe. So we take off We’re on the 10 freeway we’re passing all these Indian casinos.

Sorry, we’re stupid like that! anyway. All of a sudden all these cars start passing me, right? I’m getting annoyed because I’m driving a. I said next car that tries to pass me I’m not gonna let em. So I’m looking in the rearview mirror waiting. looking. waiting waiting and I see a silver dot. The silver dot turned out to be a little car with two.

Hoochies in it right? Now some of you guys are like how do you know that they’re hoochies? ‘Cause my friend Martin was in the back seat going I feel a disturbance in the force. They tried to go around and I cut em off I’m having fun, they’re back there E E E whatever.

My friend felipe’s in the back seat yelling at me, Fool, what are you doing? I go dude, don’t worry I’m having fun Gabriel you’re going to get pulled over. Dude I’m ok, it’s cool. We’re arguing going back and forth I’m not paying attention, I don’t see.

A california highway patrol officer creeping up on us All of a sudden I hear I look at the speedometer. 102 Oh, I freaked out The little car that was behind me with the two hoochies they got pulled over because they were going just as fast.

I’m in the front seat of my car freaking out, oh my god i’m gonna go to jail, i can’t believe it I’m on the verge of tears From the back seat I hear my friend Felipe, Fool what are you crying for, what are you crying for fool? You’re not the one with weed in his pocket are you? You have drugs in the car?!.

I told you to slow down didn’t i? But noooo because chu knows everything Shoot, everybody roll down your window Air out the car Mondo fart, do something man The cop walks over to the window looks in, sees my face.

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