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Clinica De Fertilidad Hospital Del Prado

Well, infertility is when a patient attempts to have children and can not even pregnant. Infertility is a person who achieved pregnancy but does not the term. I did my studies in 1986 in Colombia on reproduction, reproductive biology; Colombia right there I took a course in immunology in reproduction and advanced surgical laparoscopy. In addition I took a course at the University of Chicago Immunology in reproduction. in 2002 and since 1978 since I’m already seeing patients fertility problems. My first patient was my wife.

We could not have children and there are at least my kids, there’s the photo, is the best success I’ve had since I studied biology for playback. Here at the what we do, the first time that the patient is coming to orientation. first thing we do not charge the orientation, they bring us all its problems either other s who have seen or not. depending on the problem they are having is proposed a study to see where the problem to solve. Assisted reproduction comes all that is artificial insemination, natural relationships, vitro, ICSI and immunological studies,.

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