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Hello, good afternoon. hello. thank you. Thank you. Today I won’t see you so well with this light. My team has got a surprise for me. It’s this. Today I feel a bit like Ricky Martin. Spotlights, colours. Fine. Perfect.

Ok, we’ve begun a series of talks and we decided to discuss conflict in couples. If you ask me, if the question is. Is this connected? OK. Yes. If the question is why conflict in couples. You already know I’m a thinker,.

I think a lot about what i observe and what I see in the world. And one thing we really see in the world is that there is a lot of suffering. You just have to turn on the TV every day and people are dying here, being killed there,.

Some are drowning, etc., it never ends. And every day the same. And some news stories are always repeated. In the end it’s like we get a hard skin and we see people dying and it’s as if we were immunised or vaccinated. Call it what you want.

Given this unfeeling world i live in, after a long time what I’m watching is not happening outside me, obviously it’s happening outside, what I’m seeing has to do with our awareness. It has to do with us. This brings you to a thought which is not dual,.

A holistic thought or an integrated thought, a quantum vision of reality, when we understand that we are making the world we live in. And I’ve also realised that if I stand for or against the things I see,.

Far from solving the problem, i’m making it worse. What I’m saying now, you don’t need to be a thinker or a philosopher or even very smart. You just need to pay attention. And think. Of course, we look for the whole story.

And obviously, the story, the world is the way it is because of us, we are saying it should be like that. It’s very childish to think that what happens to me or the circumstances around me, are the responsibility of other people. We’re amazed at.

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