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Hi, im sami from fawziacademy, in this tutorial, we will talk about how to get pregnant with boy, To have a boy, you need a sperm with the ‘Y’ chromosome, Versus the X’ chromosome. The ‘Y’ sperm are smaller but swim faster, While the ‘X’ sperm larger, but swim slower, If the egg is already in the Fallopian tube, Most likely the faster swimmers, the’ Y’ sperm will get there first and result in an ‘XY’ fertilization, giving you a male fetus. If a woman has not ovulated yet, The smaller ‘Y’ sperm die first, so that by the time an egg is ovulation, Only the healthier X sperm are alive, resulting in an ‘XX’ fertilization a girl fetus. Tracking your ovulation day is key, Ovulation occurs about midway through the menstrual cycle, a 28 day cycle,.

The time from the beginning of the last menstrual period until ovulation is, on average, 14 days, Obtaining from sex for 7 days before ovulation, Which increases sperm count? Then have sex on the day of ovulation, Position also helps deposit the sperm deeper into the vagina. Doggy style is great for having a boy. To give the boy sperm a head start,And find the egg, If your man wears boxer shorts, This is said to be better for male sperm production, As the scrotum does not get so warm, Restricting the production of sperm,Tell your men to take time for shoot, this will give good quality sperm. After sex female should keep a pillow under her hip, And sleep for 20 minutes,.

Cundo hacer el test de embarazo Tutorials Planetamam

cundo corresponde certificar que hay un embarazo? hemos dicho que el atraso menstrual es el primer indicador de que puede haber un embarazo. Hay dos exmenes precoces que se pueden realizar, que es el dosaje de la subunidad beta en orina comprando un kit en farmacia, o el dosaje en sangre en un laboratorio bioqumico. La cosa es cundo corresponde hacerlo. La sensibilidad de los kits de farmacia hoy en da es muy alta y con pocos das de atraso menstrual ya dan positivo. A algunas mujeres les pueden dar positivos con un da.

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