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Administracin de medicamentos a nios

GIVING MEDICINE TO YOUR CHILD Hello everyone and welcome. In this tutorial I will try to give solutions to the problems that arise when we give medicines to our children, since most of the time they either refuse to take them or they make it very hard for us. Most prescription medication is administered orally, so I am going to start by explaining that Syrups and drops are not too challenging, since they are sweet and children usually like them. If the medicine is bitter, we can mix it with food baby food, juice, milk. to cover up the bad taste.

It is important to make sure thatour child takes the whole thing, or else they won't get the entire dose. That is why it is not advisable to add the medicine to a full bottle. If the medicine cannot be mixed with food, it will be indicated in the information leaflet. On the other hand, the taste can also be disguised if the medicine is taken cold ask your pharmacist about the possibility of keeping it in the fridge Sometimes, medicines must be taken on an empty stomach, because food can delay its absorption.

In such case, give your child the medication on its own one hour before or two hours after eating. Regarding spoons and syringes, make sure you use the ones included in the package, and not a regular teaspoon, or else you might be giving him the wrong dose. When using a syringe, it is better to place it on one side of the mouth and not facing the throat, so as to avoid inducing vomit. With respect to solid medicine, if you need to split it, try gettingscored pills when possible.

Pharmacies usually have special devices to split them. Neither capsules nor their content can be split, as it does not assure a correct dosage. If your child has trouble swallowing the medicine, keep in mind that pills can be crushed and capsules can be open and mixed with food, but it is important to ask your pharmacist first. Regarding suppositories, they are rarely used nowadays. However, they can still be helpfulif the child refuses to take the medicine or if hehas vomits, nausea People ofteninsert it incorrectly, since many believe that the pointed end should be inserted first into the rectum.

However, this is not the case the bluntend must be inserted first, so as to make sure that it stays in place and is not expelled unintentionally. If you need to split the suppository, you should cut it lengthwise. With respect to eye drops, I recommend you to watch one of our tutorials I would like to mention nonetheless that if the child refuses to take them or is not cooperative, you can always tilt his head back and allow the drop to fall into the lacrimal while the child has his eyes closed.

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